Date of Dream - December 3, 2018

In the dream I have an assignment to write about a traumatic event, a school shooting, where I am not present.  I feel this longing to be where this has happened.  To be a part of comforting and being comforted by those who are suffering as well.  But I am not there.  Next the dream scene changes and I am with my two daughters and their two friends.  We are walking along a path that takes us to a river and a wood dead end sign.  Suddenly I see a train coming.  Because there is no time to move I have to lay down on the tracks and let the train go over me.  I know my daughters did the same thing but they didn't have to.  They wanted to be with me.  While the train is going over me I feel tremendous pressure, especially on my forehead.  It seems to take a long time and I don't think I'll be able to stand the pressure.  It's so intense.  I see a vision of my daughter Nicole safely sitting on an open box car of the train.  As soon as the train passes over me I somehow end up sitting next to Nicole, safely enjoying the ride of the train.  We then go look for my other daughter Ashleigh and her two friends.  We cant find them but we see another sign that says Gone but not forgotten in red paint.  I feel disbelief and continue to look for them.  

When I woke from this Dream I knew my father was going to die.  He passed away February 8, 2019.  He did not know at this time he had stage 4 cancer.  In the dream I knew the train was the Georgetown Loop train that is here in Colorado.  My dads name was George.  The dead end sign was made of wood.  My family's name is Woods.  The end was death and I had received this sign in the dream.  

Accepting an Academy Award

In the dream I'm accepting an academy award for a drama.  In my acceptance speech I thank Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional families.  I tell them they can get help too.


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