Welcome to the Woods



Hi there.  I’m Laura Pawlik and I paint my dreams.  I also love researching and studying each dream I paint.  I dig deep, like an archeologist carefully uncovering one layer after another in order to understand what the dream is telling me.  You see, my paintings talk.  They tell a story about my life, where I came from, where my parents came from and their parents too.  They talk about my growing up years in Butte, Montana, a rough and tumble mining town and the childhood friends and relatives that lived there.  My husband Tom, children Ashleigh and Nicole Jursnick, co-workers and my dream group regularly show up in dreams, so I paint those dreams too.   Often people show up in my dreams that I have never met in real life but in the dream world I know intimately.  They seem to always have an important message to tell me, so I pay careful attention to them.  Other people show up in my dreams that all of you know too.  The evil queen from Snow White and Smokey the Bear are just a few recent visitors.  These mutual friends and enemies that are in my paintings may make you feel sad, happy or angry, they may even make you laugh, but most of all they will let you know more about me than a brief bio ever could.  They may even tell you something about yourself.  That’s because my paintings talk to you too.  It might be your own story that you’re seeing and experiencing.  Art is like that sometimes.  It connects us in our shared experiences and feelings. 

My paintings have been exhibited at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and in galleries in Denver Colorado, where I currently live and work.  I have received awards for my work, such as best in show and award money, but to tell you the truth, the greatest rewards are the kind words, shared stories and letters I have received from people like you. 

My mission as an artist is to inspire you to be curious not only about my dream paintings  but what they have to say to you, what your own dreams are saying and how you can share those messages yourself.

Sweet Dreams



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