Welcome to the Woods

Laura (Woods) Pawlik is an artist, visual storyteller of dreams, book illustrator and owner of Atelier on Santa Fe Gallery located in the heart of Denver's Art District.  She was born in Butte Montana.  Many of her dream inspired paintings have symbolic roots that center around her hometown, her family, ancestral trauma, spirits of the past and much more.  Laura's artwork is a mix of her passion for painting, Jungian influenced dream interpretation and the telling of that story.  As a young girl Laura loved to color and draw.  She studied drawing with Butte Montana artist Martha Cooney.   In 2010  a lot of changes happened to the artist that led to the current art combinations and creations.  That year she met "Sarah" at an Al-Anon meeting.  She learned from Sarah about Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychiatrist, who influenced the core belief of relying upon a Higher Power in the 12 step program of AA.   That November she joined Sarah (Anon's) Jungian Dream Group.  Sarah was a Jungian dream therapist and leader of a dream circle.  It changed her life and her art forever. She began to paint her dreams.  Her paintings are mystical, enigmatic and hauntingly beautiful.  She lives in both Denver Colorado and Las Vegas with her husband Tom.  She enjoys painting at her art studio and gallery "Madame Pawlik's Atelier" in Denver's Art District located at 910 Santa Fe Drive, Studio 101.  


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